Friday, September 5, 2008

After school

After school, this kid walks out. Oh that boy is sweetie.


The Kinards said...

He is so handsome! I know you just kiss those cheeks everyday!! Found a cool site to spruce up the Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Hey that boy looks like me...all handsome and stuff.

cindyclay said...

Little man don't look like his dad any more, the hair is long he's go a hair cut like Ms Cindy the spike.

We had celebration service on Sunday, it was not the same with out you guys. We had 10 briskets(cooked by Keith), Jambalia (cooked by Chris) and green salad.

They also did cardboard testimoneies. That was the greatest.

Went to the neurologist to day he said I was doinggood still a little weak, but getting better.

Give the kids a hug and kiss for us.