Sunday, September 7, 2008

The last few days

What a week, the boybarian went to his first two days of kindergarten. You've seen the pictures. While he was there on Friday I went to Zumba at the gym. It is a mixture of latin and hip hop dancing. So much fun and a serious workout. The instructor is hilarious and beautiful. I am not just saying that because she is filipina. Really I'm not. Ok well I am partial to the Filipinos but what ever. Still she is adorable and can dance like no bodies business.
On the way home from Zumba I stopped at the Navy base and went to look at their gift shops. They are really nice. Check them out if you live here. This is what I bought.

So far, the last two days they are geared up to get that thing filled up. I need to come up with something for the older two.
So Friday night we walked to McDonald's. It is out one of our gates. The kids got ice cream and since I had been to Zumba, I got a coke zero. I need some pictures to go along with this. let me see what I can rustle up.
This isn't our McDonalds but I like how the words Food and drinks are in English and nothing else. At our McD's they have a laminated menu one side is Japanese one side English!! A little pointing and you are good to go.

we hung out at the house most of the day, then we went to comprehensive park. To clarify this is not an American park. It is right down the road from our base. It is HUGE. Oh I already told you about the park a few posts down. well we like it a lot.
Oh this is funny there are tombs all over. When we would be walking by the boybarian said "there are tombs, DON'T POINT!" I think he said that 20 times. Let me ask him Why he said that. Ok I just got the craziest explanation. Involving it being bad and ghostis. (that is the plural of ghost in case your wondering)

We picked up some burger king and had a picnic dinner out there. Fed the turtles with our leftover fries and played till it was dark. We LOVE that park. On the way home we stopped at the Living Square Design stores OH how I love thee.
I am going back so more on that later.
We are having fun hanging out. Checking out the town.
I hope you all had a great weekend.


Blake and Hollie said...

I saw those responsibility charts at the gift shop and I those they are SO cute. I actually had one in my hand and put it back. I actually think I might go back and get one now. Do you use them for you kids and if so how are they working out for you?

Zumba!!! You go girl! I would have been so hungry that I would have ordered a meal at McDonalds after that workout. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I am homesick for Oki!!!!

The Kinards said...

Congrats on going to the gym!! The class sounds like fun!! I need a little Zumba!! Still trying to get off some baby fat! I love the responsiblity charts...those look cool. Thanks for sharing the pics! Tell Julianah Sean is on the way to Japan in May!

Cheryl said...

Hang in there, friend! Those boxes will soon be at your door, leaving a few choice words on your lips.

I usually go to the Courtney gym, when I actually get a chance to go. Zumba sounds like a blast - have at it!

Lovely gd. Cee said...

thank you for posting that McD's pix. i've been looking for something like that. something i can practise reading. do you have any of the ramen vending machine?