Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shout out

I would like to give a shout out to my husband. He travels the world checks our blog and makes it look like we have people all over reading this thing. OK he checked in Denver. Not all over the world. But he still checks it, and that's devotion right there.
He may be a guest blogger here in a few days. You'll like him. I do. Plus you'll like the places he is going to show you!!

Hey check out tomorrow's post for those of you who love my son as much as I do. It is his first day of school and it should be a good one. I mean anything with pictures of my kids are awesome right? right? right.
It will also be my first day at the gym. I will not be taking the camera to the gym. OR maybe I will.... hmmmm
I will have to sleep on that.

I think this post needs a picture. Let me find a good one....

My girl Aviva took this at swim lessons. Check out her site. We will have family pictures taken by her, my mom is planning on having her take some pics of them when they come next year. (Oh yeah Aviva, my mom wants you to take pics of them too.)
If you are not sure what you think check these out. her photo blog I think you will agree that you want some of those pics hanging on your walls. Well minus that couple, you know cause that would just be weird.

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aviva5271 said...

haha! YAY! Hi, Elijah! (My PEEPS...)

I miss you, Tara. I signed up for EFC yesterday. I AM DOING IT.

I cannot wait to take your family photos, we will have a truckload of fun. And I LOVE that your mom is into it! I can't wait to meet her. Any mom of yours has to be a great woman. 'Cause you're good people. MWAH. Thanks for the lovin' & the links. Let's make plans to eat rabbit food sometime soon!