Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meet my dog

I realized I haven't introduced you to my dog.

My mom just sent me this picture of my baby. His name is Followee. He is the black/gray one. Not that crazy furry one. Well mine was a crazy furry one, then my mom got a hold of him with clippers. That is another long story for different day.
We have had Followee for 8 years. We love him to pieces but I didn't want to put my old man on a plane all the way here. Not when he can get spoiled by the grandparents. He also lived with my parents when we went to Korea. He was my moms company when my dad was deployed.

I had to edit this when I realized two things. #1 I didn't tell you my moms dogs name. He is Simba. He is a sweet dog as well. Really pretty.
#2 you notice how that pic really is all about Simba. What's up with that? I wrote the following BEFORE I realized my mom took a pic of her dog. My dog just happened to be in the shot. That's what I think. Of course I am joking. Sort of. (now I had to go fix my spelling of course,geez)

Have I mentioned at all through this blog how awesome my parents are. They are the most awesomest. You read that right. Who else takes your dog for years at a time and will fly to random countries to visit you. Oh your parents do that too, oh and you over there in the computer chair, yours too. Well what ever mine are still the most awesomest. so there.
Back to my dog, geez. Trips to the lake are always fun. We had a boat so he had to have a life vest too.

Playing with the kids. Oh he is sweet.

He is the best dog EVER!

Have a great day. I promise soon to actually leave my house and get some pictures of Okinawa again. I did go to the Garlic house, took my camera and totally forgot to take pics. More soon.

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Blake and Hollie said...

AWWWW! Don't you miss your dog?? I am so glad you have awesome parents who will take him. I am sure that makes you feel so happy and your kids too knowing he is safe and waiting for you, not to mention it looks like he has an awesome playdate.