Saturday, September 20, 2008

moving in

It might seem strange that the title of this is moving in. We have been here since June 5th. We moved into housing a couple of weeks later and NOW we have our stuff.
The packers were friendly, super fast, and sweating like crazy. It was a humid day.
I have gotten a lot of things unpacked but to document for my husband how horrible it was I took some pictures.
Here is my heaven (my stuff is here) and my Hell(I have to unpack it all my self)
oh my gosh the living room. So scary.

boxes of toys and clothes. lots of toys.

clothes. Seriously and shoes. one box had lamps.
They wrapped each pair individually. That box is still in the closet. I went this long with out strappy heels. I will be fine.

Geez, that is sort of embarrasing. A whole box of purses.

those clothes boxes don't include the boxes that had our clothes that were already on hangers!

I am still wondering how I got away with only a few Kitchen boxes.
It is so compforting to know everything was packaged with such care the dust wasn't even disturbed. Oh except the T.V. is broken. Good thing we were going to get a new one.

One of the kids rooms. lots of things to go through.

This is 7,000 of stuff. Mostly clothes. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You should see my moms closet. (-: hi mom


Heather said...

You're embarrassed by ONE box of purses?! hahahaha

I had, uh, like 7. And I had gotten rid of over half of them.

Your movers did a much better job of packing your stuff than mine did. My movers just threw stuff in boxes, it didn't matter if they were breakable or not.

marisa said...

I had to close my eyes, the sight of boxes start stressing me out. I immensely dislike the unpacking part about moving the most. You have my best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Have fun! I dont envy you at all! We were absolutly amazed at the amount of paper used!
Think your hubby is coming for din-din tonight.Then he should be on his way back to you soon!!! Then put him to work on those boxes!

heidi62613 said...

What a relief to have your stuff here. Too bad you did not pack someone to unpack for you. Wait, isn't that what kids are for? I hope you are doing well.

Blake and Hollie said...

Hey when you have been without for so long I would be HAPPY to unpack. We got here in July 06 and didn't get our stuff until almost Nov 06 so I know how you feel. I was never so happy to see my bed. That was the only PCS unpacking that I was happy to unpack. KWIM?

I am glad you have everything and not too much damage. I heard they are excellent packers on this end. The locals work so hard here don't they? It seemed like it took 2 days for them to pack our house in the states (with a thousand breaks) and I see the way they move here and they are so quick.

Cindi said...

Wow, thanks for reminding me that we pack up next month! Not sure if it'll be Bliss or Irwin but we're crossing our fingers for Bliss!

Cindi said...

(ps) I'm loving all your pictures!!