Saturday, September 13, 2008

our week well sort of

Typhoon??? I think if I wanted a storm I should have stayed in Louisiana. They have been hit to much this season. Hey ya'll, I miss you. Your are in our thoughts! (the ya'll is only for those in LA, and other related southern states.)

Today was the day we were supposed to originally get hit. No dice.

Instead I talked to my husband who is in the states right now. He has been eating out at some cool places and shopping at some even better places. Then we met up to see a friends little boy compete in a Lego competition. He is one of those kids that can build anything, just from his imagination. Gotta love that. We had an hour before judging so my kids whipped up some Lego vehicle. The boxes have instructions.
Why does that Lego guy look mad. Weird.

This last week the elementary school had a walk in honor of Sept 11th. It was so great to see the participation.
The pledge, the kindergarten classes did not do the 1/2 a mile walk but came out in support. See him on the far right.

She is always looking her best with matching bucs hat and her water being carried in her spike and ella purse. They are just waiting to get started.

The walk, and more walking.

So I am going to bed now. Hopefully some info on the typhoon passing by us this week.
Have a great day.


Jenny Jill said...

What a great blog! It is interesting seeing what is going on across 'the pond'!

Blake and Hollie said...

The walk was so special. I actually participated with my son's class this year and I am so glad I did.