Thursday, September 4, 2008

His First day of School

He was sorta geared up for school. When I woke him up he said "I never even said I wanted to go to school." He is morning person like his mama.
The other girls were already gone but this one stayed to take pics with him. Seems she is going to wear that shirt on every ones first day.

He wouldn't let me take him to get his hair cut. If it was cut, he couldn't spike it. So true. Anyhoo, how cute is this boy... not quite sure.

Is this better, so cute right? Still not sure...

See I told you he was adorable. Gotta love the fake smile. I trained him well. haha

This is his nervous face. Note the biting of the cheek. His class is awesome his teacher is amazing. It is going to be a great year.

His teacher. Mrs. Russel. She is adorable.

I did not cry. Though he went to preschool last year so he knows all about going to school. I cried last year though like a baby.
OH man I forgot to get a pic of his Ben 10 back pack. Sheez. I will get one after school.
What is that noise I hear in the background...
It sounds beautiful.


Heather said...

He is kissable cute! Love the spikes.

I don't have silent... yet.

Rachel Noble photography said...

aww... i can't believe he's actually old enough to be in school. he's grown up so fast. thanks for the comment.
luv ya 2 :)

ps. what kind of camera do you have? i heard it was spiffy, and i'm liking the pics you've been taking.

The Kinards said...

What a BIG BOY!! Mom is all alone...nice huh? Is your husband actually working in Japan?? He seemed to always be off at Ft. Polk. E looks so cute!! I love the spike doo!! Squeeze his cheeks for me!!
Love ya,
P.S. We barely even got a storm....God is good! Alex got hit hard!!

heidi62613 said...

I hope the first day went great. My boy had a great day at school. We should meet up for a chat soon. I hope you are well. I still have those shirts, oh wait my boys will be wearing them to school tomorrow !!!! Ha ha Call me!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! Cute! All by yourself--wow!Hope to see your hubby sometime in the next 2 weeks---Dan did the same thing-Came to the states several times while we were STUCK in Oki---The best place to get stuck, wish I was still stuck there and would love to be stuck there forever!
--Your husband will eat at least one good meal while he is here if not more...Kellie

marisa said...

His hair is too cool. Enjoy your time!

Blake and Hollie said...

So cute! Ms. Russell is such a great teacher!! Hope you don't mind I found your blog though OKI HAI.

Anonymous said...

No those kids are awesome. Pretty little girl and Handsome young boy. In fact they both look a lil' like me... UUUMMMM I wonder if those could be me spirit children.. I bet their mom is hott, seriously her husband IS THE MAN!!! You'd Da Mang!!