Sunday, September 14, 2008

Comment Spam

This morning I found I have had my first comment spam incident. I had 17 comments from Penny stocks, some myspace layout place, and some investment thing. The comments were pretty funny. Like "I like it" and "glad to know you get a lot of hits" umm thanks.
I never had the word verification thing on here to help out a few of my relatives who have a hard time reading the words. You know who you are!! (-:
It is back on. What the heck, I hate those things. Oh well and why me? For a minute I thought I was getting some love from my blogger peeps. NOOOOOOOOOOOO I was not getting any love. I was getting spam. Not the tasty spam they serve here on Okinawa.

Like this deliciousness.
Oh well.

have a great day.


aviva5271 said...

yo holmes. you can also make it so that you have to approve comments (no word verification) - and that isn't a word, that should just be "jibberish verification" or "can you SEE?" rppdju... jeez.

heidi62613 said...

I am sorry about comment spam. Here is some love from your fellow blogger in Okianwa! Love you. Love the blog.

judy in ky said...

Hi Howes Family,
You came to visit my blog (the one with the Maui pictures) so I decided to come and visit yours. It's nice to meet you!

Sue said...

Okay, here's some love for you! Your pic just ruined my appetite!

Jen said...

spam, spam everywhere...well, welcome to blogging. I remember my first experience with that which is why I do moderate also. It's too bad, but maybe you can console yourself with that delicious (bleck!) looking plate of food. too funny!

marisa said...

I haven't been hit by the spam bug..yet. That stinks, but here's some blogging love for you, your blog makes me laugh. I love to laugh. Thank you!

Those little spam slices on rice wrapped in sushi are so good, do you know where to get them here, without the egg?