Friday, June 27, 2008

Are you Typhoon ready??

That is the question everyone seems to have for us lately. Every time I am asked that question I reply with "is there one coming?" I really want an answer to that but they tell me oh no, but there will be.
I have been picking up stuff here and there. Stocking one of my many empty cabinets in the kitchen. We do not have all of our stuff yet so we have all kinds of space.
So I thought I would share what I find essential in a typhoon/hurricane. Or really what I have gotten so far.

Oh wait no no no this is what I find important in a Typhoon...
Please do not worry we have lots more water than that. It's just still in the trunk of Dino's car. I was tired when I brought the rest of the groceries in. I will get that later and put it... in the closet I guess. So what are we really going to need?
When we lost power for 8 days, was it 8? maybe 6 it felt like 10 days. Anyways during hurricane Rita. We grilled out every night with the neighbors.
I don't know my neighbors here and do not have a grill, so it looks like spaghetti o's, tuna, and Nutella. YUMMY
Any advice would be appreciated.
So obviously if you do not know me the above pictures are a joke for my mom. We have an interesting sense of humor. We love the Lord, but is it my fault he made me so odd. No, it is probably my moms fault. She is hilarious. Any of you who know her, know that is the truth. I have the tendency to take my God/mother given sense of humor to a different level.
But I mean well.
Right now you are probably saying "Bless her heart, she is crazy as a loon."
I just might be....
Have a great day.
I miss you mom, see you soon.


Jen said...

If you can find them sure and get battery operated fans and lamps. They will be a godsend. And a generator--definitely a generator if you can swing it. Stockpile a little gas for the generator and propane for your grill if you have some outside storage space. Board games, books etcetc.
And of course magazines--but you've got that covered. :)

This reminds me the aspect of tropical living I DONT miss! :)

aviva5271 said...

you won't be without power for days. I think non-perishable food is important, but living on base you should have plenty of water, paper/plasticware to eat with in case you can't see to do dishes, candles (which I didn't see in that cabinet - the emergency kind), more batteries, and a battery operated radio. Be ready to charge up cell phones beforehand, and tell Mom and all stateside relatives not to worry if your phone isn't working.

I don't have room to keep a generator at my house, but maybe you do... I'm not sure what you'd need it for as it doesn't help the A/C which is what you'll miss without the power!!

diapers for kids and plenty of non-battery activities or charged batteries for electronic games.

During your first typhoon you will see where your place might leak... have plenty of rags and buckets ready for that possibility. That's all I can think of now, but there's a complete overachiever's list here:

marisa said...

Oh my goodness, this is too funny! I have no good typhoon readiness advice, maybe we'll just get lucky and never have to experience a typhoon. We do have the must haves like you (spaghetti-Os and tuna lunch kits) but not nearly as much water (oops).

Josh said...

Mensore to Okinawa! I'm enjoying your blog. Keep posting!

Re typhoons: this is only our 2nd season of them, but in our first we only had 1 real doozy & a few minor ones (meaning the off-base stores & buses paused for about an hour or 2). During the doozy (Man-Yi, I believe) last July, we had some water get in around our door frames, so towels were used & that was it. Power was off for an hour or 2. We're right on the East China Sea (beside Araha Beach) so that's not too bad. Debris was scattered around pretty good & some lower lying, don't drain so well, places had some flooding, but I think that was it. Your typhoon stash looks GREAT to me!

Ernie Santa Ana said...

The last time I was in Okinawa, we were hit by two consecutive "taifu." Across the street from my hotel was a Jusco where I bought some Pocky. On the way back, I saw what looked like a pizza delivery guy on a the driving wind and rain! (Add Pocky to your supplies, btw.)