Monday, June 16, 2008

My tween girls

Today, I checked on our house to see if they had delivered our furniture. (they had) then we stopped by the youth center here on Foster. It is right up the road from our soon to be house.

We just went for info. when before I know it I am leaving two very thrilled girls. They can go on a guest pass till they are registered. I cannot believe I left them, you can tell we have been in the hotel to long when I find dropping my kids off with people I don't know ok. I have friends kids that go all the time and love it. I just never had the guts. My thinking is if I drop them off, I am admitting they are old enough for that. How can they be old enough when they were just little girls five minutes ago.

They both just came in here asking to go back tomorrow... I have awakened the beast. YIKES.

On a cheerful note, two women were very friendly to me. Shocking I know. One demanded, in a sweet way that I join the Navy women's dragon boat team. she had done it this year and loved it. She left the country today. Then the other was just so nice and was giving me all kinds of info on moving off base once on, and where we could get four bedrooms near the sea wall.
I am now off to I am going to make lists of places to visit. I will leave this island with no regrets. On that note, anyone know how to get on a dragon boat team?


Heather said...

If you get on the team, I'm so there taking pictures!

Didn't you get 4 bedrooms?

aviva5271 said...

So are you going to be my neighbor? (How Mr. Rogers was that?) I know the houses of which you speak... they're nice; lots of steps, but nice.

Army wife should be on the Army dragon boat team. I know a couple of members and can definitely put you in touch with the right person. Email me.

Anonymous said...

I’m so happy you decided to start a blog, now we can read about your adventures here too. And an official welcome to the neighborhood! We live in one of those glamorous towers close to the youth center.