Thursday, June 19, 2008

Home sweet home

It has been two weeks since we arrived on this island. We are finally in our house, which is bigger than we thought it would be. Well minus the bedrooms, they are as small as I thought they would be. Overall it is a nice house. My kitchen is much bigger than our previous house and they can walk to school, without crossing a road! My seven yr old prayed for that before we even moved. That she would be able to walk to school. She is thrilled.

The movers came today, they dropped off our unaccompanied/express/fast shipment depending on what you call it. I had three of the biggest boxes they make I think. One the seal was broken and one was just smashed in. I busted out the camera and took pictures since I like evidence. No major damage though, a dish and the most horrible, a littlest pet shop house.

So I was assuming they would bring in the boxes. Nope, they opened them right at the door and just started taking stuff upstairs. Then they brought the next box in the kitchen and unpacked all my dishes. This all took them about 5 minutes. I signed paper work, and they were gone. It all in all took probably 15-20 min. Talk about fast. Holy cow.

It feels great to be in a house, with some of my stuff. It will be great to have all my things, but I will take this time to enjoy Okinawa and relax. I also cannot hear my children as most of their toys have shown up! Yeah for me. Maybe now they will not fight. Oh shoot now they will fight over toys. It never ends.

So officially my life here begins, people can actually come over for dinner and or coffee.
I am excited about these next few years. I know they will be among the best.



Heather said...

woo hoo!!!! halfway there!!!!!!

aviva5271 said...

Great news for you all! I'm thrilled to hear that you're happy. enjoy the peace and joy of your new home. :)