Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today is my husbands birthday, so to celebrate we took a road trip! We had no destination in mind just the bottom of Okinawa. So we took off and found the most amazing places. We would see interesting signs and take off that direction. We are those kind of travelers. It can be a fun way to travel, or if your like my dad it horrifies you! Let me send a late shout out to my dad for fathers day.
Dad, I love you, I hope you had a great fathers day. Next year I will not be so distracted and you will get a suitable fathers day card/gift. (-: Plus when you come visit, I will will make suitable travel plans will scheduled stops on the itinerary. I will also make sure to have gas, all fluids and the right amount of air in the tires. You taught me well, I know how to travel safely.
HAPPY LATE FATHERS DAY, your the best.

Back to our trip, I would love to tell you all the places we stopped but honestly I am not sure of the names. Some places I do know.
OKINAWA OUTLET MALL- I know, I know but it was on the map, so we checked it out. Got some icecream, looked at Rino beetles for sale. Used the very cool bathroom. The kids would not stop talking about the toilets!
CAPE KYAN- cool place. One of the guys there selling stuff took our picture. He just walked up and offered. He was practicing his English and i was practicing my Japanese.
GUSHIKAWA CASTLE RUINS- very awesome, that is where my oldest found a purple crab.

The most fun was through the windy small roads we took we took some small road and parked near other cars,. We walked down steps made out of the cliff (using a rope) and got down to where we could look for shells and wade in the water. We found some really nice shells there.

We did finally make it to the Peace Memorial. It was already kind if late and we just drove around and let the kids play at the play ground. It was a blast. We will go back and hang out there another day. I want to climb these steps that go up the mountain. Wonder what is at the top of those?!!

Finish the night off with dinner at the family mart. (like 7-11) Japanese convenience store food is the best.
I am determined to learn this language. I really need to learn to read it well. So I will be looking into that soon.
P.S. I had heard (okinawahai) that the maps here are a guideline. Oh how true that is. I could not believe how the map just did not line up right with the roads. It was a pretty interesting. We did arrive home though. All in one piece with some cool memories.

lots of our pics on on our flickr account. So check them out. More to put on but my battery is charging.


Heather said...

eeeee! I'm getting excited!!!

cool picts. :)

Anonymous said...

Just when I think I’ve about seen it all, you blog about three new places I haven’t been (outlet mall, cape kyan and gushikawa castle). Cool, I can’t wait to jump in the car and check out those places (with a map and a plan and of course only after I through inspected our vehicle before the trip).
Okay, I think we live so close that I could probably hold up a sign from my balcony and you could read it. We’re in the tall building farthest from you facing the big school. We should get our kiddos together to play sometime.

C said...

That's the best way to travel, girl! I'm so excited you started a's been hard keeping up with you the last 10 years. :P Tom is off in Warrant Officer school and I'm enjoying my summer off. :D Happy Birthday Dino!

Jen said...

That is totally how Steve and I explore new places when we move--get in the car and GO.

These photos remind me so much of Guam. Do you get winter in Okinawa?
it also made me realize how long since I've seen photos of your kids. Good gosh, they grew! :)