Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fishing Trip

Fish in the cooler too, plus the few he had on the grill already.
This is the first fishing trip he had taken here. He loves to fish, I mean LOVES TO FISH. It's unnatural. (-;
He left at 4:00 a.m. insanity.
We met him where the boat came in and got to see all the fish they caught, the guy fillet them and threw some on the grill right there. It was a nice time. I went at 2:30 and realized a few minutes ago I got some serious sun.

Exciting things on this trip, seems everyone needed the Japanese equivalent of Dramamine (supposed to be better than regular Dramamine) You should have seen us buying that at some Japanese Walgreen's, I am doing boat and airplane motions, I was hoping I didn't have to motion vomit. She got it though and was so kind.
A whale shark swam right up to the boat for a bit. That had to be cool. Then the mass amount of fish they caught.
A big Mahi Mahi, it was 13 kilos so that is 28.6 lbs. I did the math in my head in case you were wondering. haha
How pretty is that thing.
Another mahi mahi, We ate some of that one and have some in our freezer. yummy

He is cleaning the fish while my children look at jelly fish in the background. This guy is so great.
Fun times.

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Josh said...

Wow! That looks like it was a fantastic trip! My wife & I are hoping to remember to get in a deep-sea fishing trip before we head out in December (sniff, sniff, gosh, we love this island life). Can I ask which operation your husband went with? We've heard that who you go with (& where they go) makes a real difference & we LIKE fish! Yum!