Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

So yesterday the 29th of June, for those stateside TODAY... was/is our anniversary. We decided instead of getting the babysitter we would all go eat and hang out. I drug the camera around with me since I seem to be missing so much.
Here is our day in pictures. Except church because, I thought taking pics at a church we are visiting might seem odd.
Brace yourselves as this day was a typical Japanese day and you may not be familiar with the places we went.
Oh I have to tell you this. We were on the AFB near us and walking around the BX when I heard my name called. To most of you this might not be odd but only 2 women know my name on this island. So I whip around to see a couple we were friends with in Florida six years ago. It was great to see them.

now here are the pics.

We went out to dinner, oh silly me this isn't Japanese at all. But it is yummy. Funny thing, we never went to Chili's where we lived before. It was to far to go for dinner. It was good but not something we will make a habit of.
Then some dessert, oh once again.. not Japanese. But who doesn't love TCBY? .
After eating our frozen yogurt outside. The kids ran around in the skate park. She is catching air.. Not posed. Just good timing.
We did these on purpose cause my kids are good sports and love an excuse to jump off things. If I had my real computer with photoshop he would look so awesome. one more month!!!

These little ones know how to pose, even mid air!
The oldest just jumping off things. I need some cropping but then I would never post these so this is how you get them.
We then walked around on the sea wall. Or sat around the sea wall. This is my crew watching surfers, enjoying our life here that is a three year vacation.

Checking out the water, why is it we let them down there...
For pictures!
I am still working on my settings. Going without the flash...
Oh thats right their dad let them down there. I mean he had to, there were crab and these really odd fish things that would jump over the holes. Gotta figure out what those are!
It was a great day.
I wonder how long till they hate that I take a million pics..... So our day was not very Japanese after all, but we had a blast.


Heather said...

happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going for the driving test tomorrow. *bites nails*

cindyclay said...

Happy Anniversary

I email you but not sure if your check it. Not sure about letting our neices and nephew that close to the water. We're loving the stories and pic. Keep them comming. I think Keith may start trying to use the computer. He bugs me "see if there are any new pic. Miss you guys, give the kid hugs and kisses.

Josh said...

Great photos! I love seeing new photographic evidence of our beautiful island home.

Did the fishes you saw hopping on the seawall look something like these?:
If so, I'm thinking they're something like this:

Heather said...

I found two emails from you in my junk mail -- I replied but now I think my emails are probably going in your junk mail. UGH. It's like we're starcrossed or something! LOL

Don't publish this. :)