Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer vacation??

How is it that it is June and I am buying school supplies. It just seems so wrong. But that is living overseas, or being paranoid. One of the two. We filled a cart with all the various things I never had to bring to school. I mean FILLED!
So all four of my kids are ready. And I have a 32 gallon Rubbermaid filled with supplies. NOW check this out the list I got at one base, does not seem to match the list from this one. What the heck. I now have a new list, I also have a feeling that first day of school there will be more.

OHHHH next is school clothes. They have worn uniforms since they started school. The excitement here about no uniforms is ridiculous. I am not so excited. School clothes, online ordering. I am guessing I need to start that soon too. What to do if things don't fit. umm I guess wait for the next one to grow into it.

To make us all feel that this is summer vacation, we are hitting a beach tomorrow morning. My friend from when we were in Seoul lives here. She is taking us to Araha beach, no clue if that is spelled right. I am taking the camera and it is on manual. I will try new things with my exposure. We will see. I swear the sunlight here is like nothing I have seen, so bright!

I am off to bed, one 8 am orthodontist appointment then beach time!
Should I take a pic of all the school supplies? I really don't want to scare all the Pre K moms. (-;
goodnight all.


Heather said...

erm, yeah. Please don't scare me. LOL

aviva5271 said...

i cannot imagine buying those supplies for 4 kids! Tara- you're SO SMART buying the supplies now because in August the whole world will buy them and they'll be sold out of everything.

As for school clothes, buy summer stuff first (now) - it'll still be hot until October. Good sneakers are a must (no crocs or flip-flops at school) and you can also get stuff in town at San-A pretty inexpensively if you're tired of what's at the PX. Online I recommend Old Navy or something like that but work fast - the fall stuff comes out and it's all sweaters & corduroy which is WAY too warm for here.

As for photos... you're going to laugh: http://bowmansinoki.blogspot.com/2007/08/evening-out-kindergarten-orientation.html (scroll down to see Mia's supplies!

You'll all enjoy Araha. Bring yen for the vending machines and there are good showers there too!

Liza said...

thanks! i'm so excited! less than one more week! and wow.... four kids! i'm a long way from that many children! haha. good luck with all the school shopping!

Liza said...

haha you're so funny! oOOoo if i could, i would bring some mocha cake, my husband would love some too! but my luggage is full, which includes my wedding cake, so we can eat it on our one year anniversary - gross, but its tradition right?