Monday, June 9, 2008


So we are here, living in the hotel. First thoughts upon arrival...

#1. This place is beautiful...

#2. Driving on the left side of the road is not cool. I could handle Seoul driving but geez it was right side driving.

#3 We are the most blessed people to live here.

#4. Thank God for okinawahai. I do not know what I would have done without those women.

#5. So the housing is ugly, I mean seriously ugly. But hey if ugly=typhoon proof I am cool with it.

#6. this weather is Awesome. I am sure it will get worse but right now I am loving it.

And last but not least.. I can see the ocean form my hotel room window. YAHOO!

We met up with some great friends form Korea and they took us to Comprehensive park. There is a little water park there that we had the best time at.

One side note.

Check this out. there were a large amount of Americans there, all over actually. Here is the odd part. No one spoke. No one said hi, no universal head nod of what's up. Nothing. At one point these two couples were sitting like 3 feet from us. NOTHING. So odd. wondering if this is the norm or what. Oh well not a big deal but I found it strange. OK well this hotel computer loves to loose internet connection in the middle of working and I see it is on now so I am out. Did I mention I love this place.

In case you didn't catch on yet..





Heather said...

I'm so glad you like it!!!

I sent you an email in response to the clocks. I don't know if it will go through. Let me know if you don't get it.

The Kinards said...

Hello there Howes Family! Glad to see you made it there safely and you love it! Thanks for visiting my site baby yet. I was just in the bed trying to go to sleep, but I can't get comfortable so I decided to come check my email and maybe I can try again. I will post some pictures up of Marissa when she arrives. Thanks for staying in touch! Put up some pics of Japan and family when you get settled! Glad you started a blog.
Mrs. Kinard

meredith said...


Thanks for the kind words about Okinawa Hai! I am so glad to hear that we've been of help to you already!

I know you are super busy but because you have the fresh perspective I wanted to ask you a quick favor.

Contact me at if you have a minute!

Thanks and enjoy this lovely island.


ukreal1 said...

most are OK (the americans) I have sat near and not a word/glance was said, but now I just say hi to everybody (if I am in one of my giddy moods!) some look at me like I am crazy, others are very chatty...I have met some cool people.
Welcome, I am pretty new here myself!

Joelle said...

That's a really interesting observation! This is not the only time I've experienced it though. Anytime I've travelled in a place where there were LOTS of tourists, I've noticed it happening. Where as if you are in some off the beaten path place and you run into a "foreigner" you sort of run to each other to chat. I think people think if they ignore each other they'll feel more like the are really becoming ONE with Japan -- like they are more local... just a thought. Glad you're here!!

Ernie Santa Ana said...

The combined thought going through the Americans' heads was: Are they Americans? Better not ask...could be embarrassing.

Aunt Susan said...

Hi Tara, Your mom sent me your web address. IT's so nice to see all the pictures and read your notes. Sure wish I was there with you!! Oh, and by the way. You know,I'm not good with this computer thing,,,, well I think I acidently hit the wrong button. I wanted to flag the address thinking I could find it later.... then It came up as "flag for ??? somthing bad?? What did I do??
How do I undo it?? Sorry.... Love to you all,, Aunt Susan