Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Licensed to ILL

No I am not part of Beastie Boys, but I am a Licensed driver as of 10 something this morning!
It was not a hard test, but I did feel sick to my stomach at the thought of failing. My husband was with me which was so nice since I kept thinking I should have studied more. He was very reassuring. He also passed I should mention. I had no doubt he would. Then again he was actually reading the WHOLE study guide. I stopped when I got bogged down by the wording. Plus with 4 yelling kids, concentration was hard to come by.
I did the signs section first since I felt more confident in that area. Then moved on to the scary questions which weren't that scary.
Word on the street is that other branches and I won't say which (they take their test on Kadena) watch a movie get a briefing and then take the test. Oh yes well here on Foster, we just straight take the test. Then we get the movie.
Needless to say the best accessory to go with this license is a vehicle. We will be shopping for that next. I would love a tiny little car that can whip in and out of traffic. Carefully and while looking in my side and rear view mirrors of coarse. But no with my large family, I will have the big dog.
Not a big deal though, gotta love having room to stretch out.


Fran said...

Congratulations on your license. Do you really like it there?? lol I am so glad you are there and you are going to be running a blog so we can all keep up with you. You had me start one years ago and then dropped me like a hot potatoe so you better keep this one up!!! Love you guys.

Aunt Frances

Jen said...

watch a movie get a briefing and then take the test<<

Um, because that would be AIR FORCE, BABY and they do things right! yeah, 'above all', remember?
hehe. Sounds like you're making a great transition there!

Isabel said...

Hi Howes Family! Love that I can catch up while you're sleeping and I'm awake! Can't wait for the photos. Wish I lived near the ocean again - the Pacific Ocean that is! We miss you guys and Deeno's chicken adobo meals - David wants to know if the rice is ready? Ha! Blog to you soon!
Peace Out from Acadiana!
Love Ya!

Heather said...

Re: Blog comment

It's a date! I can't wait to meet you. :)