Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wago family land

So sorry we haven't posted lately. We have been running around getting ready for school.
Last week we visited Wago Family land. We had a great time. It is an indoor play place the first floor has pool tables, karaoke rooms (you get your own room, in case you didn't know. No killing the people next to you softly with your song!)
Second floor, bouncing place for the little ones and video games that are free. Air hocky, and the roof trampolines and batting cages.
Here we are.... He was playing airhockey with this Japanese kid. They were having a blast.

Now, I don't condone violence but it was hilarious to watch them play this game. They are sword fighting & these girls are serious.

A boxing game.

She was skating or surfing... To fun!

This kid is a monkey.

SO the girls are at school and I will be posting a few more today. I have been slacking. Thanks Amy for the note!!!


aviva5271 said...

Wago RULES! And Julia just posted on a new one, US Land that I wanna hit too.

So hey - the kids are gone. How are ya? Get in touch with me - we're doing EFC together - signups are next week.

Missing you, chica.

The Kinards said...

Glad to see you posted!!! :) It is fun looking at other blogs!! I hope the girls enjoyed their first day of school. Is little "E" not going yet? May I suggest you put some type of clock on your site with Japan time. That way we can see what time it is over there!! My friend has one on her's from

heidi62613 said...

Love it. I want to go here, but we have been saving it for a rainy weekend. I still have those shirts!!! talk to you soon.