Monday, August 25, 2008

1st day of school

Today was the first day of school for the girls. My youngest doesn't go till next week. So here are my girls all ready for the new year.

Her friend rode with her to school on the first day.

The younger ones get to walk. That is the school playground we are on and that is my building right up the stairs. Convenient.

She is ready for her day. She is also the one who will let me take pictures in her class still. She isn't to cool for me yet.

I also had a meeting with the kindergarten teacher. She is a sweet sweet woman. We are blessed with all the teachers this year. None compare to Mrs. Kinard. She is the best teacher EVER. I am not just saying that because she reads our blog either!!
After school was fun to hear about their day. I cannot believe school has started again. Geez
I have another post about our last day before school started. Plus the veges I had delivered. See I may disappear for a while but when I get back to blogging I down load all the pics and go to town.


cindyclay said...

Ok, this may take me while, but you won't know that. The girls look k-ooo-ooo-l no uniforms!!!! I know there is really drama in the Howes house in the am getting dressed. You don't want to ware what you picked out to ware the night before as you do when you wake up in the morrning right????
Or has that become a problem yet?
Little man don't care as long as he looks like dad right?
We miss you guys. It seems like school has started and you guy should be walking in the back door at church any time.
I'm doing well, getting better every day. I'll go back to work 9/2. Thanks for the flowers and your prayers. God is GOOOOD!!!
Amanda got a job teaching kindergarten at Evans, where they live, another blessing.

The Kinards said...

Well J looked like the only one excited about going to school!! She is so big!! You go girl getting to wear "real clothes" to school and not those yucky uniforms!! It shows her personality/style! I love the arm things!! She looks ready for a great year in 2nd grade. Thanks for the comment!! I loved having J in my class! She was the best! I miss teaching, but I LOVE staying home with little Miss!! Can't wait to see more pics. Give J a kiss for me!
Mrs. Kinard

marisa said...

I'm so jealous. I miss that school, all the great friends we had there and being able to walk there in the mornings. Ms. Griffin, the PE teacher, was Caitlin's 1st grade teacher last year, and she is one of the best people ever, your kids are going to love her.