Saturday, August 30, 2008

Comprehensive park part I

Today we went down the road to Comprehensive park. It is this very large place with everything you could want to do. It is late here and my brain just isn't working as it should.
So we had a blast. Here are some pictures of feeding coy fish, playing on the parks. Another really pretty pond, turtles and fireworks. I have some more cool pics of my kids but I will add those tomorrow under part 2. goodnight all.

Oh check out the little girl in the right bottom corner.

Not my husband in the background but another Filipino guy with a green and white striped shirt khakis and tennis shoes. haha I just realized that while looking at pics. They were such nice people. New to Okinawa, really sweet.

When we got home there were fireworks in the backyard. Well out one of the gates but WE were in the backyard.

Then we came in popped some popcorn and watched Camp Rock. I like that soundtrack. I may have Stockholm syndrome since I sing along and have favorites. I need help. (-:
How was your week. Please be safe this weekend and enjoy the time off.
More pics tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey, a piece of cardboard is really great for the roller slides!
Saves the ol' hiney!And you go faster!

Heather said...

Stripes and khakis must have been the uniform of the day!

I haven’t made it to this park yet, but I REALLY WANT TO! Maybe next weekend….

Rachel said...

It's fun seeing your pics! I have a blogspot now too. =) Hope you're well.