Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vegetable delivery??

I had been reading on Okinawahai about the wonderful vegetables that I can have delivered from freshinoki
I got online, did my ordering and this is what was delivered by a very nice woman. I ordered the large veg and and the large fruit. Yummy.
We had the best time trying to figure out what some of those things were. It was great though. My kids tried everything. Here are a few things we got in our cool bags o vegetables.


Yummy.yum. yum. yum.
I know I have been slacking on the whole blog. I will get back on the wagon. Not the drinking wagon, geez the blogging wagon. But I should be falling off the blogging wagon. Maybe I have been sitting on the wagon. Oh forget it I don't know. I am going to wikipedia to find out, it only has the truth on that sucka.
ALSO please note the links located in the top off this post. That is my first attempt at links IN the blog. I have to say after seeing my own name linked in Aviva's Blog I have thought oh my heck I have to learn that fantastic trick. I admit I can be a little slow, shush it.
Keep an eye out for links to YOUR blogs!! ohhh yeah I am on a roll.


Anonymous said...

I bet on a field trip your kids will go picking sweet potatoes that are purple! Have you had the sweet potato ice cream yet? A family fav of ours!!!

The Kinards said... are too funny!! I miss you and your comical ways!! Posting a daily blog is lots of pressure isn't it? It is fun trying to be creative in what pics you capture for the blog. I think Marissa is tired of the same old poses!! Got any ideas?? You never responded to my email...Gosh, what are you doing all day now that the kids are at school?? Tell everyone hello, even big E (he would always say "Hey Mrs. Kinard" in the hall everytime he saw me!!) Love ya'll...Pray this hurricane doesn't come near us!!!

Blake and Hollie said...

I have been debating ordering the Fresh in Oki. I am really getting discouraged with the veggies and fruit at the commissary. There is no variety. Your post is really making me think twice. They look SO good and FRESH!!! Plus you can't beat the delivery :)