Friday, August 1, 2008

There are Aliens among us

So you may not know this but I only have brothers. I had the opposite problem my son has with his three sisters. What I do have is two sister in laws. Sisters in law. well whatever. You know what I mean. They are both really cool women and I am very very lucky to have them.
The one married to the little brother is an only child and we have known her since she was a teen. I love that girl like she was my own little sister. She has given me one nephew. He is the most adorable kid, Good news for me, she is expecting again. Expecting what you ask.. Well let me show you.
She is expecting......drum roll.............................

AN ALIEN!! Oh wait no, that couldn't be right.
It's a baby! Yahoo. More specifically a boy baby. A NEPHEW!!! So exciting. I have another ultrasound picture she sent. After blowing it up some I think it may be the shot that proves it's a boy. I can't be putting up pictures of THAT, sheez M. this is a family blog!
SO this whole post is about me becoming an aunt again. Or I mean my sister in law having a baby boy. It really is about me becoming an aunt. I am already looking at baby stuff. Now I get to go to the blue stuff.
Here is the sad part. He will be big when I finally see him. That right there is the bad part of living overseas. Probably the only bad part. Missing the family.

Other Howes family, we love you guys so much and congratulations! We should web cam the birth so we can be there. hahahaha Oh man. M. I was totally joking!
I love you girl!


heidi62613 said...

congratulations!! I soo understand about missing big family events due to beign over seas. We have Noah who has not met his Grandparents yet and he is almost one! See you soon.

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Anonymous said...

Babies are the best! Oh wait, then they get older and start talking-and it never stops!Did I mention I am going to have a 15yr old on Sunday! How can that be? I am only 28.Guess I should tack on those extra 10 years that I own. Gosh I am getting old.
Congratulations though!Always so exciting when a new life comes to be! And one that is so welcomed and loved to boot!