Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We were included in a snorkeling trip with the most fabulous families. We had the best time, I am hooked on this. I would like to say to the Clays, I did not panic with the mask on! Who knew I would love it.
The kids did so great. I was amazed how they just took to it. We all went out together and saw the coolest fish. Soon well be taking the underwater pictures.
Come visit and well go underwater!! These pics were taken while the tide was out. We went through the caves, and went so long when we came back in the tide was in and we snorkeled all the way in. The boybarian ( I am trying out new names) loves sea cucumbers. we were curious about the cut out sections in the coral. ODD.

He swam up behind me with this thing. It's a trumpet fish. It scared me to death, he made it seem like it was swimming. This kid was with a family that was there. He loved playing with that dead fish. My oldest did an awesome job disguising him! I didn't want to post a pic of some kid without his parents permission!


Jen said...

I love snorkeling--LOVE it! it's something you can do as a family, and unlike scuba diving, doesn't make me claustrophobic. Oh...this makes me miss the beach life!

Lovely gd. Cee said...

oh man, you guys are lucky. you get to see these things? ocean... low tide... sea cucumbers... odd fish...caves... and stuff. i want to see... see okinawa.

caroline said...

um, taraaaaa, what about MY kid there in the background? huh? hee hee, just kidding. that's my little William back there in the blue and green but his head's turned - so we won't sue you.
ahhh, the day we met. good times. :)