Friday, August 15, 2008

Underwater Camera

My oldest just turned 13. When all that happened I am not sure. I still feel the same as I did when she was 2. Anyhoo, the point is we bought her among other things a digital camera that has an underwater housing. She has been gracious enough to let us use it when we go swimming. Here is our newest and most favorite hobby. Trying to pose for pics while underwater. Can't wait to take this snorkeling.
We swam till 9 p.m. these were after the sun went down. She loves to to flip underwater. By now the big girls had gone to the deep end. OH I would like to say, ALL three girls passed their swim test. The oldest last week and the younger last night. They did so awesome.

eyes wide open.. freaky

I leave you with a video we took. You can't really hear anything because it is in the water proof house. Oh except me laughing like my mom and aunts. Because we are super loud laughers.


heidi62613 said...

Love it. I wish I had a camera that could go underwater! The video is good.

The Kinards said...

That is so cool!! Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time at the pool. Gosh, I can't believe how much J has grown over the summer. She is a big 2nd grader now! When does school start? You look great underwater and tell your hubby he looks great in those goggles too!! HAHA!! Miss you guys! Glad you are enjoying our blog too. Isn't it fun?

Cindi said... cute!

Lovely gd. Cee said...

hahahahha!!! thanks for sharing, that was funny! very very cool:)

Anonymous said...

Tell E. that hairy man says Hi to hairy boy!

The Kinards said...

Time for a new post.....wanting to see what is new with the Howes Family!!
Mrs. K