Friday, August 8, 2008

Busy week

I haven't posted much this week but we have been at swimming lessons, and lots of other things I cannot remember right now. I do know that the kids painted on their trays at the Torri Arts and Crafts center. The ladies there are the most warm, welcoming people. I love that place. She will fire them and then they will be glazed and fired again. I will post the before and after shots of them when they are done.

Today we had an appreciation BBQ for the Japanese MLC's that work with my husband. Do not ask me what MLC stands for.
It rained. I mean just poured, then in Okinawan fashion cleared up and was a beautiful if not super humid day.
View from picnic site

The kids went down there and climbed all around that. They got to the top and that was the most exciting thing. OH yes this is on the left when looking out.
This other is on the right.

This is the island they want to check out the most. They said lets just swim out there and go exploring. I think we will wait till low tide and walk out this weekend.
We are so blessed to live on this island.


Anonymous said...

Next they will be making their own SHi-SHi dogs!!!! Fun there ,huh!!!
Told ya so!

ukreal1 said...

That looks like a lot of fun, can you send me their number or website, I need to get the kids there! Toodle pip :o)

Fran said...

That island looks like a crocodile!! I am so happy to get to read your blogs and see your wonderful pictures!! You are so funny!! Your blogs are fantastic. I hope you are watching your neighbors, (well maybe not exactly neighbors but close) opening ceremonies for the olympics. They are fantastic!!
Love you guys!!

marisa said...

Their trays are cute, I want to make one! Love the pretty aqua waters we have here, gorgeous!