Sunday, September 21, 2008

We've got spirit yes we do

We've got spirit, how bout you?
Hello, hello, well whatever, My girls have spirit and yours can too for 30 dollars and 4 hours.
Cheer camp ladies and gentlemen, my girls went to cheer camp. (Heather, stop laughing.(-:) So I take my 7 year old at 8 am. to the highschool across the street and drop her off. 8am on a Saturday. The earlybird learns the cheer I guess. When I returned at 11:30 to pick her up we got a treat, showing us what they learned.
She takes routines very seriously,

She was not about to mess that up. I just asked her what she thought about cheer camp, she says "it was good, it helps you with jumps, it's really really fun."

Then at 1:00 the big girls got to go. We went to watch them perform at 4:30. She has a look on her face that cracked me up.

She participated, did all the things they learned. Her sister came home telling me that when they were practicing their yelling, the cheerleader said "let me hear you yell" and she screamed "APPLESAUCE!" I was cracking up. When I just had her tell me again what the word was since I couldn't remember. She said well next I could have yelled "CREAMCHEESE!" and she yelled it like a cheerleader. She is so funny.
I wonder what she is yelling in this picture? I asked her what she thought of cheerleading. She said "suckish", ahh good to know.

Who's happy about cheer camp, SHE IS!!

That looks very cheerleadery to me.

All that smiling and chearleadery poses won her the spirit stick. WOWZERS. I may have created a monster.

We get home it was a fun day, I was thinking ok I could used to the idea. Though I always thought we would be watching them play the sports, not cheering for the sports. hmmm
Then I am watching a little T.V. (taking a break from unpacking) the show that was on it THS investigates. The topic, CHEERLEADING. I popped some popcorn and settled in to see what they discovered. HOLY COW. They had girls on there who were paralyzed from being dropped, who had died. It was nuts.
Not to mention the outfits they wear now. What the heck? So ridiculously short. The makeup was horrific. Here are a few scary pics.
These are highschool girls, seriously. I just couldn't let my kid go out the door like that.
After that show I watched I only see traumatic brain injury when I see this.

plus look at the makeup they have to wear to competitions. YIKES double YIKES!

I think we're going to take them to tennis lessons next, the outfits are just as short I guess but the brain injuries are less likely. It also may be less suckish. In closing I would like to start this again..

We've got spirit yes we do, We've got spirit how bout YOU??


Heather said...


I'm very dissapointed that they don't have ribbons in their hair! What kind of cheer mother are you???????????????

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

I agree, YIKES! Your girls looked natural to me! But I agree, the makeup and the injuries and the clothing...hmmm. But at least they had fun!

The Kinards said...

That is hilarious!! J sorta strikes me as a cheerleader!! She's got the raspy voice!! I tried out for cheerleading in high school and didn't make it. Eric says I am still bitter about it! I am kind of glad I didn't make it...they all had a "rep"....know what I mean. I would never let my girls wear those costumes or makeup!! Glad they are having fun though!! You are a fun mom!

Jen said...

Yikers. You scared me when I first started reading this post, then I got further into it. whew. Had me going there. ;)

Blake and Hollie said...

bbLooks like the girls had a good time. I have heard about the camp, but I haven't gotten any reports of anyone going. Thanks for sharing with us.

As for the other pictures. WOW! I don't really know what to think. I guess it's just a little scary. I did see the story about the girl too. That is super scary!