Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cape Zampa

We took a little trip today. We headed up a little north to Cape Zampa. I am not sure why we didn't go there before but we love it. Really just a lot of fun climbing on all the coral and exploring.
I will lighten/darken some of the over exposed photos later and get them up.
Here are a few.
The lighthouse. You can pay 200 yen to get in. They didn't charge for kids.

These two went up with me. E wanted to come too but we didn't hear him so he missed it. Next time he can go up. It was very bright up there, tried to get them in the shade for a pic but just not a good one.

We walked down the coral to check things out. The kids had so much fun.
She found a cool brittle star. Well more like 40 but only picked up one.

She had a good time climbing all over.

It was so crazy just climbing around.

At the park there is a 30 foot Shisa dog.(read about the height online) They had to climb all over that.

We stopped on the way home at this beach. We had to because of the sign.

Cool hotel, if you look closely you can see two of the kids on the rocks.

A pic of me with the only kid who hung out by us.

If she can't get in the water she would rather read I guess.

Here we are, we have to have the kids take our picture.

He followed his sister everywhere, but got hurt during the the last 10 min we were out.

Finally she finished her exploring and we could get a close up.

I know that seems like more than a few, but I really have SOO many more.
We had a good time, and tomorrow we are going further up north. Should be fun, now I am going to bed. We did a lot of climbing and I am tired.
Have a blessed Day.


The Kinards said...

Looks so neat there! I know the kids will forever remember the cool family outings. Tell J that I miss her cute face so much! Sending my hugs and kisses to her XOXOXO. Please pray for hasn't sold and we are moving in 4 weeks!! Need some prayers...thanks girl...miss you too! I need to send you an email soon to catch up.

Liza said...

we went there yesterday after ryukyu mura! but we have to go back again cause i was wearing slippers and climbing those rocks in flip flops ain't so fun!