Friday, January 23, 2009

On the road again Part II

Ikei Island

While at the top of the castle site we saw the bridge going out to this island. We decided to check it out. PS I did not photo shop these pics. You will notice they should be later but look at this WATER!!

See that fisherman? I swear my husband stood out there enjoying the beautiful view but in his heart he wanted to be that guy!

This is a beach at the Big Time Resort. They named it that I am sure when it was a Big Time Resort. Now it seems to be an Old and Dated time resort.
We parked and went out to the beach there. we stayed a bit. It was pretty. One thing I love about this island. When we start heading down a path I am still overwhelmed with how beautiful the ocean is when we come out.

I realized when I saw this one that I need to wash my van.

If you ever go to this island and you get to this point. Do not I repeat DO NOT take a left here. Seriously. You just drive around and around in sugar cane fields and go in circles. If you decide to explore you may be like us, seriously wondering if we were ever going to find a paved road again. I still have stalks of sugar cane stuck under my van. It was fun though sorta four wheeling in sugar cane fields.


The Kinards said...

It looks so beautiful there...I am jealous. I would love to visit there! Have fun on your wonderful island....miss you guys.

marisa said...

We went to Ikei Island too! We ended up checking out the beach at the Old and Dated Resort, but it was a chilly, windy day so we didn't stay long. Did you notice if there was anywhere to grab a bite while you were there?