Saturday, January 10, 2009

cold in Okinawa

I just want to put out there. That this post in no way a measure of how cold you may be. Adrienne, Jean, Renee. I know you guys are super chilly. Tina, just don't even read this since Alaska is my idea of hell, freezing over.
Okinawa is COLD!
I mean real shoes, a JACKET kind of cold. I really thought I would be able to skate through this three years in flip flops. 365 days a year. I admit today I did wear jeans, a coat, a hat and flip flops but that is just out of rebellion.
Let me check the temperature so most of you who read my blog can laugh at me.
Alright the new name of this post is...

WOW, it is REALLY windy out there!
So the Internet says it is 55 degrees right now. The wind out there is super crazy windy. The ole weather channel dot com say wind from 20 to 30 mph. So let me tell you that is some cold wind. I would post a pic of the wind. But it is to cold to get a pic of the tree outside.
Word on the street when we were coming here is that it never gets very cold and you just need a sweater. HA
I checked the 10 day and it will be 69 next week. Whew. That is what I am talking about. Winter weather in the 60's is right up my alley.
I apologize for the original title. Just because I think it is FREEZING, the does not lie much and if it says 55. Then I will suck it up and not complain.


Charity said...

It's COLD. I don't care what anyone else says. I almost froze my butt off trying to take a picture of my TP'd tree today!

Charity said...

It's COLD here. I don't care what anyone says.

Liza said...

my windows had ice on them yesterday and were left foggy for most of the day!

Anonymous said...

Well, it was 27 this morning in good old L-town. It will be a blazing 44 for the high tomorrow...LOL! Quick prayer for Pawpaw. He fell & broke his hip about midnight last night. Been between 2 different hospitals all day with him today. He's now in Cabrini awaiting surgery tomorrow. Still now sure what they will do yet. We need a uncomplicated, speedy recovery. Love & miss you guys soooooo much! Kisses!!!!!