Monday, January 5, 2009

Our last days of freedom...

Here are the pics of the last two days before school started today.
Who ever said fish don't have lips.

SHe has this fun hair cut. Plus she throws a mean football.

see how it is cut shorter in the back, it is really cute.

She plays with her hair in between.

This one also got a hair cut. This is the after.

This is the last day of a ponytail.

The boys together!!

We played football. Those kids can run!

She read that book in one day. They may not look like me but they read like me!

She read in the car, that I cannot do. Unless I want to vomit.

My and my new toy. LOVE the itouch.

Someone has been doing taebo!! In PE maybe?

there you go, my post for the weekend. I have been horrible about doing this all the time. Then again pics of us sitting around doing homework is just not to much fun to post!

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Jen said...

Love love LOVE the look of your blog! You will have to give me lessons on how you loaded your background. I am with you, I just don't have time to update as often as I'd like. Looks like you all had a great Christmas!Cute haircuts and all. We had webkinz in this house too. :)