Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On the road again Part III

We finished off our busy weekend with a trip up North to Hedo point.
We have now been to the most northern and southern tips of Okinawa. It is really beautiful up there. The contrast of colors was amazing. I kept telling my husband it looks like someone photoshoppped the whole area. It was pretty Hazy up there too, but we climbed around and had a good time.
This is on the way up.

Gotta love it when things are in English. Oh and Spanish!

They always have to climb to the most dangerous part!

Almost there.

She gets there first every time. She now Loves to hike.

Having fun at the top.

This is what they were on.

Here are more than a few from hanging around up there.

She will pose on a cliff all day.

And the close ups begin. Notice down a few the girlscout cookies. She is a nut!

Some jumping shots for fun.

She loves to jump.

She is my photographer and also my jumping coach.

The little ones with daddy.

We bought some food and ate a bit before the trip home.

We had a good time and it wasn't that long to get up there.
I am going to enjoy checking out other areas up there. It is beautiful!!


Charity said...

You guys sure are exploring a lot the past couple weekends! Looks like fun. Can't wait to check it out.

marisa said...

Those rocks look scary. And pointy. Your kids are brave!

The Kinards said...

Love the jumping pictures! Looks like you guys are having so much fun!! Hey Jules!

heidi62613 said...

We just went there not that long ago, too. Did you see the gaint bird statue? I tried to get a photo, but it was too far from where we stood.

Anonymous said...

hey did you see the big bird? you can go climb up inside of it, really cool. its called "Yanbaru Kuina" it doesnt fly, and they are trying to save and shelter them on the island....

Melissa said...

wow tara you can jump high!! and dino's jumping pic is too funny! i absolutely love all your pics...