Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies.

No sooner had I gotten my snacking under control do I get the dreaded "cookie time is here." Announcement.
Ahh lovely.
I picked up my cookies. They do things differently here. We get a certain number and we sell them. Nice thing about is they are supposed to go fast.
I am not a big fan of the knocking on the door thing and lucky me they are not allowed to do that here. We have to hit up all our friends and co workers I guess. They also said something about hitting up the people who read your blog. Weird huh?

These are the boxes in my house. Not even clse to the picture I have at the distibution site. Can't get that one to upload.
I will not even talk about the calories in these cookies. Needless to say I am not eating any. Now that i just put that out in the blog I really have to stick to it.


Two Beautiful Girls Mommy said...

Tara - love the site background. Anyway I NEED cookies so I will be in touch!

Heather said...

OOOOOH! I'll buy some (see.. you don't need to go door-to-door, the blog works just fine).

3 boxes thin mints

1 bx samoa (sp?!).

Isla Familia said...

OMG..keep those things away from me. If you send those sweet girls to my house with those things...I will hurl them in your front yard LOL! That is just torture. Let me know if you need an intervention anytime in the near future!

Liza said...

if i had known you were selling them i would have bought them from you! joey just came home with enough boxes to last a lifetime! well, next year. i'll be your best customer!

Anonymous said...

remember last yr in front of the commisary at polk.....the ones there probably taste better...not so much hate in them.

Spotty Blubbermarble said...

cookies for only girl scouts....boys cannot...dah