Sunday, January 18, 2009

Okinawa Cherry Blossoms

Here on Okinawa it is almost Cherry Blossom time. I am VERY anxious about this. I don't want to be like our friends who missed it by a week. Can you imagine driving up north to see the trees and there are no more blossoms? That would stink!

We are going to try up north tomorrow since the kids are out of school. Then try again next weekend as well. If we miss it we will go again. I really want to see these. If you are wondering about my obsession check out these pictures.
This is a close up. ahh so pretty.

I cannot wait to drive down this road. I am so excited.

For some more info and pictures check out my girl Aviva's blog.
I cannot wait to have my own pictures up of the Cherry Blossoms!
Soon I hope.

I realize many of you are knee deep in snow, or at least really cold with spring not in sight. The pluses to that weather obviously are the cute coats and boots. We don't get so much of that. Though a bagger at the commissary told me February is going to be colder.
Maybe you should plan a trip out of your winter wonderland and onto my island paradise? Jen? Grab those flip flops, and hop a flight!

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Isla Familia said...

ooooo....i can't wsit for the festival. we are going. this iwll be our first time and last chance. it will be fun and beautiful. hope you are having a great long weekend.