Saturday, January 3, 2009

The vacation is almost over

Tomorrow is Saturday, two days and the kids go back to school.
It has been such a relaxing vacation. My oldest is ready for school to start, she misses her friends.
I have enjoyed the sleeping in! Good times.
I am like so many of you and on the weight loss bandwagon. I started mine after I saw the pictures we took on Christmas eve. When did that happen? While I do not want to make this blog all about my workouts, I hope to be held accountable a liitle by it. If I tell you all I am trying to get in shape then I better not drop the ball. Blog posts with pics don't lie!

So good luck with your resolutions, say hi if I walk into one of your yoga classes, or in the gym.
If you see me walking on Foster tell me you have a venti nonfat mocha with an extra shot. Then drive away slowly, see if that doesn't get me to run!!

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Staci said...

Hola Tara, this is your cousin David. I am sorry that I have been so bad at keeping in contact. I read a comment you left on the blog that Staci has, and realized that I have not talked to you for to many years. I hear that you and Gloria keep in contact a little bit. My New year resolution besides dropping 200 pounds is to keep in contact with my family better.
Staci updates the Blog because she has the time, but I have a facebook account that I can manage with my limited tech knowledge, and time. You should join if you don't already have one. Anyway, it is good to read your blog and see that you and your family are doing well. Take Care, David