Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our week in pics.

We had a super busy week. I am glad it is over!
Here is a little of what we did. We had our nails done, went to a last dinner with friends before they flew back to the states. Then yesterday, had the change over at his work.

Our toes after a trip to Cocok's (silent K)We had a great time with our friends Joanna and Cassey. They are moving and it was a last girls day.

Ok so after dinner on the air base we hear a bat land in a tree near us. My husband spots it and sends me closer to get a pic. This is it looking at us see the red eyes.

The zoom in.. They are really big here. Pretty cool.

The change over, and his speech! He did an awesome job.

I was exhausted and went to sleep at 7:30 and didn't wake up till almost 8 am this morning. I am glad this week coming up only has swim lessons!


Anonymous said...

Ok, Cocok's was one of our favorites!I feel a jab in my side everytime I read your blog....Ahhh memories. Fun though ,Huh!!! And Congratulations to you and your husband, now your Mrs.1sgt...a tilte after 48 months I am so glad not to have anymore. You will be good at it though--your personality shines through all!!Great job guys!!! Keep enjoying Oki!

heidi62613 said...

Great toes. We did Cocok's saturday. Congratulations on your husbands promotion. I love the picture of the BAT!!! I only have swim lessons this week too. Talk to you soon. Love the blog.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the hair. You know I quit cutting it when the guys left and they have been back like 11 might be long but I'm not sayin its healthy.Some ratting and curling--tired of the straight look all the time-showing Aubrey my 80's techniques. Go to Hamahiga Island. Go right after you cross the bridge to the best beach--we spent many a days there...ask the locals if the jellyfish are in-sometimes they are..sometimes not...seasons i guess??? Best swimming and beautiful huge starfish you can pick up.

Isla Familia said...

I must say that I love the pictures of the COR...what a great photographer LOL. Anyway, I love love love the toes. Gotta love the nail art. P.S. the orange trim in your other post i told you i didn't think I had it...well, I DO!! I never noticed it before you said that. And of course, now it's bothersome to me. My OCD is going to have a field day with this situtation. I hope you enjoyed your starlight swim!!! See ya menana!!