Sunday, July 27, 2008

one month

We have been on this island for one month. Oh geez it's been 43 days but who's counting. Reflecting on our time here so far I have a few things to say.
This place never ceases to amaze me in how beautiful it is. While driving home I am still shocked at the clouds. I mean they are just clouds right, I've seen a thousand clouds. It takes me back to 7th grade when I would take pictures of the clouds. When the pictures came back they were never what I was expecting. Still maybe not amazing in photos but awesome in person. Even more fun are the dark foreboding clouds that roll in out of nowhere. Love them ALL.

I am surprised how quickly you can travel all over this island. I love that. Got a few hours in the afternoon. Take a trip. See some sights. That is the best.
I like just driving around looking at the buildings, I take pictures of these things for my mom. Just so she can see what we see.

That the ocean is right down the road, never being one for the water. ( I am from AZ, a desert girl) I am in love with the ocean. Tide pools are a new favorite for us. Sea cucumbers I love, we pet them. Like they are little dogs. I will soon be a snorkeler then diver. It scares me a little. But how foolish to give up the chance to snorkel and dive here because I am a little nervous. Embrace the fear I say. Or at least suck it up till your not scared anymore. Holy cow I mean look at this. I cannot give up the chance to see that.

After 46 days, I have forgotten what and how much stuff I had shipped here. We are still waiting on it and at this point I do not know what we sent or what we stored. Guess we will find out next month. What I do remember. We have six crates coming. That is a lot of stuff. probably four crates of clothes and two of toys.

Last but not least, how much I miss my desktop. I am so over this laptop. I want my new computer with it's beautiful giant flat screen.
Oh wait and I miss my friends and family. That should be first right. Well maybe not yet. Not been here long enough to be homesick.

Save that money or start buying lottery tickets. Either way, you just have to come and see these clouds.


Anonymous said...

Your blog says it all. I should be ashamed to say that I am homesick for Oki, although from the states right? Out of our 19/20 yrs in service, that place was home for us, honestly.I always felt alive,comfortable and happy there. Gosh I miss it!!!

cindyclay said...

I love the TOES. Want to do that when I come. And the 1st picture of town? Were you taking that picture as you were driving down a ONE WAY??? Didn't you get a traffic violation? I thought you passed the driving test.

Keith wants to read your speech, so send it and he would have loved to be at you ceremony.

In case you haven't heard Paw Paw Ganaway came throught his open heart surgery he had a double bypass on the 25th. He is doing good. Love you guys. K&C

ukreal1 said...

I love the clouds too, I have an obsession with them! I was going to tag you, then I saw Marisa already did! Dammit, I have noone to tag!!! LOL