Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The rest of the story

So we went to the Kurashiki dam. You saw the pictures. Here is the other part of that story.
We had been running around all day trying to get things done when we saw the sign for it by some friends housing. I said hey lets go check that out. We took off.
It is a beautiful place, I really do love it.
The kids were not having it at first.

This picture is for Heather, link to her blog on the right. Look at that hair...

So the kids were mad, "we don't want to waaalllkk" they kept saying. We had a breeze, it was bringing up the smell from a pig farm down the road. So she is holding her nose here. It did smell like manure.

She was saying "noooooo" as soon as I turned the camera on her.

There was no fishing, which would be fine but my husband kept seeing these huge Bass. He was not happy he couldn't get them.

This is a picture for some friends, see there is water!

They all ended up happy when they got in the water. I also have pictures of one of them crying, I will skip adding those. She would not be thrilled about that.
SO do realize when I put up pics, or any blog does. Those are the good pics.
Your kids are in the floor screaming and fighting. Yeah they all do that. So throw them in the car and check out some of the sights. Let them cry in the beautiful scenery. At least you will enjoy it. They can't stay mad all day..
See them here, all working together, playing nice, having fun. It was a great day.


Heather said...

The bad part is, your kids are older so they KNOW when you're putting up the embarassing pictures. I don't have that yet. Muwahahaha *evil laugh and hand rub*

2BeautifulGirlsMommy said...

That is some lovely hair! Those pictures are important for when they are older and *gasp* dating. I have a folder of them already! LOL!