Monday, July 28, 2008

Face paint, backyard views, and immuniaztions

Oh yes this is what they do when they are upstairs. They let their big sister do a little fire and ice deal. Silly kids.

Here are pictures out of our living room window. Then standing outside on our porch. The three younger ones will walk to that school. They go down and play on that playground everyday. last pic is taken about 20 minutes after the clear day ones. Just started pouring. Word on the street is there is a typhoon out in the water near here. We are just getting the rain and wind of it. Nothing crazy. So do not worry.

This is the crew after we went to get their shot records. I thought we would just swoop in and pic them up. Oh I am so naive. So they all got TB tests. The two little ones only got one shot didn't even flinch. Said after "oh, that hurt" All the while Middle girl) was sitting there sobbing. She cried for 5 min BEFORE the shots. do not even get me started on her shots. I have blocked it out. M did well, if not a little teenagery. So we are done till wed when they get them checked and enrolled in school.

I try not to use my kids real names. For various reasons. One if you do not know us and are some creepo I don't want you to know the names. Two They are pretty cool names and I don't want you buying hamsters and naming them after my kids, that would stink.
third. I don't really have a third and YES I know I used two of the names Dad. But I TRY not to.

All this to say, any of you who know us give me ideas for aliases (Hmm is that the plural of alias?) for the kids. Oh shoot how about an alias for all of us. If you don't know us, you can try to. If you are a creepo, cease and desist from looking at this blog and get some help.

OK I will make this a contest for all you competitive types. The winner gets the satisfaction of knowing they are more clever than everyone else. Good prize I say.
Put on your thinking caps.
P.S. I have three girls and one boy. boy is the youngest.



Jen said...

I saw someone else call their little boy their 'Boybarian'. I love it. Sorry, that's all I can come up with!

Anonymous said...

How about....
Love the blog.Guess I shouldnt use my kids names on mine--to late!

Beckie said...

Girls: Bumblebee, Honeybee, Jujubee (sorry, ran out of bees!)

Boy: Stinger

Girls: Hollywood, Diva, Starlet

Boy: Agent X

Girls: Shell-y, Sand-y, Beach-y

Boy: Waverunner

(sorry, got carried away! This is fun.)

Beckie -- Heather's mom

cindyclay said...

ok we are sending with love,

talks-a-lot or tal # 1 girl child

animal cop or ac # 2 girl child

sister girl # 3 girl child

spin cast #1 boy child

Love you guy
PS keith sent #1 husband email @ army did he get it?