Friday, July 11, 2008

Lots of pictures.

I have been taking pictures here and there. I think I should post a few so as to appease the family in the states.

View from our parking lot in front of our building.

The front of our house. We are the ones on the right. The neighbor gave me that plant. I hate to say it is still sitting like that. Note to self, buy shovel..

Here he is playing basketball with his sisters ball. IN our living room. Gotta love pushing the furniture to the edges to provide a court.

Kids in airport. They were ready.

Flowers a neighbor/someone in our company brought me. Trying a little zoom action. ha

This is the basketball day. We have since rearranged the house. I will send pics soon of the rest of the house.


Edgar said...

That house looks familiar. It reminded me of our house at Camp Shields many moons ago. Do they have laminate floors now?

Heather said...

hum... it could be my house. You'd never be able to tell the difference. :)

Diane said...

LOVE that flower. Whoever gave it to you (neighbor or someone) has really good taste. You are crazy girl...and I like it!!!