Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

It is my dad's birthday. Since we can't be there and your card will be late. It's our version of an e card. It is ghetto Fabulous since we have no paper. But it's the thought that counts!
A few words from my kids when asked what they want to say to their Tata on his birthday.
Happy Birthday Tata, thank you for the telescope on my birthday. I hope you have a good birthday. Love ya, PEACE.
Next girl-
Happy birthday Tata, Feliz CumpleaƱos. I hope you have a happy spanish birthday even if you are getting older. I miss you, love you. bye
Little girl-
Happy Birthday Tata I love you. I hope you have a fun birthday. How is followee? When we see you were gonna give you a birthday checkup. So bring your flashlight and have a fun birthday Love Jules.
Tata you have to get here fast and when we tell you to look, look at our house and we have our Wii here with us. And Tata you don't have to bring you flashlight we have a flashlight here. Oh happy birthday. When we give you a birthday check up we will tell you where to sit. Well have that kind of birthday cake. I love you Tata. Elijah
He means Tres Leches cake. Man I want some of that cake!!
We love you and miss you. Can't wait for you to visit!!!
I just realized those look sort of like mugshots.. Geez


Anonymous said...

That was probably the best card your dad ever got !Sweet!

The Kinards said...

Love the card...you are so creative!

Fran said...

How cute!! I am sure Frank loved the card. How could he not? I so like coming here and reading about what is going on with you. What cute toenails in the other blog too.

Love you all, Aunt Frances