Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our fourth of July.

Happy Independence day! Well that is for all of you U.S. people. For us it's the fifth.
We had a good time hanging out on the AF base here. My kids were surprised by the airplanes that they had out for them to get in. I forget they have never been to an airshow. We did those a lot as kids.
I would post the pics we took of them in the planes but I am not sure of the OPSEC rules and I would rather be safe. So no planes pictures for you.
It was a pretty day, much cooler than the previous day but still humid as heck.
I ran into a women from okinawahai. This time I actually said hi. Such a sweet family!
OK these are the pictures I will share.

This is the crowd that was waiting for the shuttles to get us back to our cars.
We decided not to push our way to the front and didn't get on a bus till 10:15. A long day. We just hung out and talked. Next time we will drive! (-: Could have been worse though. Hotter or Raining!

There were concerts there too. This is a pic of the drummer from Eve 6. We are not groupies but I lost some hearing being in the front and it was just as good from the back!

Hope you had a safe holiday.
We are going on another adventure, my kids like to call it that. We hope to find some cool places!


marisa said...

Hi! We were there too. We ended up getting there late though. Enough time to check out a few planes, stand in the long funnel cake line, hear some music and watch some fireworks.

cindyclay said...

Our 4th was good we (ME & Keith) fished for two day. The temp was about a 110 on land and higher in the water. Keith was sad to loose his fishing partner. But Deno it's ok, I'm taking up the slack. Keith would not let me fish with any of his good stuff. So I fished with an OLD Zebco, and some kind of bait that had marking like it had been drug on the sidewalk. But I was told that this was a lucky bait and the ware marks were from catching fish. I did catch a bass 12" The reel was hard to reel in. So we went to Wal Mart and got me a better Zebco. But I still didn't catch and thing. But I have a new reel and I still used the old bait, it was called a pop "R".

It was Michael's Birthday we called and wished him a happy Birthday. Jan and Addy just came by she said his crew brought him a slice of cake and lit a toothpic for a candle. He is 29.
Love you guys,