Thursday, July 10, 2008

Word of the day


As I am spending a lot of time doing this I thought I would share my findings with you. (Nits are the eggs lice lay on a strand of hair, You have to take your nail and slide them off one by one)

nit·pick (nĭt'pĭk')
intr.v. nit·picked, nit·pick·ing, nit·picks
To be concerned with or find fault with insignificant details. See Synonyms at quibble.

I also googled it... Wikipedia says
As nitpicking inherently requires fastidious, meticulous attention to detail, the term has become appropriated to describe the practice of meticulously searching for minor, even trivial errors in detail (often referred to as "nits" as well), and then criticising them. "Nitpicker" in this sense was often used after 1951, predominantly in the United States.

I also checked the urban dictionary. In case you don't know what that is..
It says,
2. nitpick Someone who, rather than attack the merits of your argument will bring up completely irrelevant s*#t, like how you mispronounced a word or, in the case of the internet, typed a word wrong.

So there you have it.
Nitpick. I am not on a regular basis a nitpicker. I tend to let silly things slide. Not dwell on the small stuff. If you happen to call me a nitpicker right now. I would have to agree. I am a nitpicking fool. Seems all I really do is hunt for nits to be picked.
Isn't our language interesting though. Some kids got lice back in the day. Then on the playground they tease a kid. "your mama's a nitpicker" and so it evolves. I think we should reclaim nitpicking as a positive. If you have ever picked nits out of your childs or your own hair. BRAVO. It takes determination, faithfulness, steady hands and good vision. I am proud to say I am a nitpicker!! So when I see you on the steet and give you a high five and say whats up nitpicker. Smile, I just gave you the greatest compliment.

I would like to thank my mother and her brain that brings these things to my attention. Mom, you are my most favorite nitpicker.

have a great night.


Liza said...

assuming that i don't attend any elementary school, i can say i'm lice free. but after reading your posts, i can't help but scratch my head and be paranoid! haha!

good luck with any other future lice outbreaks!

Anonymous said...

ahh yes!!! Mallorys Japanese pre school was closed a lot for this. Have fun!