Thursday, July 10, 2008

Parasites in Paradise

One word...

Lice. Don't judge me.. haha


I pondered whether or not to write about this. with the attitude of Keeping it real, I will share. I would love to have the illusion that my kids are always well behaved, my husband and I never argue, my house is spotless, my hair never frizzes and we never get lice. But that just isn't realistic. So here we are in all our glory. Frizzy hair, kids who fight, and laundry that always needs to be done. Oh plus the lice. Word on the street is that letters from the school come home pretty often saying there has been an outbreak. YIKES. I NEVER EVER want to deal with this again.

How is it that we have gone almost 13 years with not one instance of lice. Then 4 weeks into this tour boom. Yuck yuck yuck.
Can I just tell you the Lice medicine is not cheap. Well it isn't to bad if you have one child. I have four. $90.00 and 6 hours later, we are clear of all evidence there were Lice. Everything is clean, hair is clear, house has been sterilized. I did more laundry in one day then ever before. Stuffed animals are put away in garbage bags for 4 weeks.
Plus side, our stuff isn't here yet. Thank God, less stuff that could be harboring bugs.

Here is the trouble....
The product used to kill them. The shampoo, the spray. They are pesticides. I put pesticides on my kids on purpose. What the heck. I didn't even think to look at what it was made of. I was so freaked out. This morning I am googling the ingredients. Not cool. Not cool at all.
I am buying some natural Lice killer but shipping is proving a problem. Lovely. I will get it eventually and just keep it in case they come home from school with them. *shudders*

I have no pictures for you of my kids lice. Oh well. Plus after reading online seems I will keep dealing with these for a while. GREAT.. Any advice on making sure these suckers don't come back would be appreciated. The girls know we are going through their hair everyday till I feel confident they are gone.
Have a great day/night depending on where you are.
Is your head itching? You know you are scratching your head right now. (-:



C said...

Ok, when I was working in San Antonio I picked up lice from the students but I found them after they were dead! To this day I don't know what killed running in 100 degree temps everyday or the extra strong shampoo my parents were using. So...somehow they can be killed naturally...wish I could help you more with that one. And...earthquakes and typhoons? All I have to say is...oi. LOL

marisa said...

Nooooo! So far we've avoided the lice, hope our luck holds out for the next three years. I'm so sorry that happened to your kiddos, that totally stinks.

Fran said...

Week before last Donnelle got a note saying there are some kids with lice at the Boys and Girls Club. Her kids have not had them but how yucky! I remember having our heads checked at school in Texas. My friend Linda was the acting paramedic for a fire crew one year and they all had head lice. Linda just shaved their heads, no time to fight lice and fire. Then she had to clean all the sleeping bags.

Love you kiddo, Aunt Frances

Diane said...

Are you KIDDING??? WTF?? That is just all kinds of wrong and one thing I have yet to have had experienced here in Oki. The only thing I can suggest from what I know of lice in my childhood days was to just make sure you comb the heck out of the hair until they are gone for good. Damn the lice!!! Maybe you got it from that random flower those carzy Isla's gave you!! LOL!! And yes, thx to you my head is now itchy!!