Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Interesting things about my house

Tell me, what would you use this for? Well we use these to operate the AC units. The temperature is in Celsius. So I have no idea how cool my house is on any given moment. Right now it is at 20. Mostly that is to cool and we go up to 22. All you smarties out there feel free to tell me what that is in Fahrenheit. If you have to google it then you are in the same boat as me. I just don't want to google right now.

Our AC units. We have these in every room.

My phone. A few of the buttons are only in Japanese. SO you just kinda play around with them till you figure it out.
This is if you have it set on Japanese. Yikes. I want to say thanks to the Azua's for the free phones. You guys ROCK!

Nothing to odd about this pictures except my trim is orange. Ok more like an apricot. But really who has that as a trim color. It is painted in a very nice latex. gonna go GREAT with the colors of my stuff that is coming. haha
We have these cabinets above all the closets. They are super deep, and we are keeping carry ons in them right now. I figure it will be a great place for Christmas presents. This is the kids room so no gifts will be hidden in here. Our room has double the cabinets. FANCY.

Notice the apricot trim, it is lovely and it is everywhere.
Our tub. It is a super large bathtub and I love it. It can also be used for a little game of catch.

Why not add a third child, the more the merrier. This tub is awesome.

This is not a great picture but just to show you my floor to ceiling tile in the bathrooms. But look closely there is the apricot trim...

Stainless steel. Ok probably not that but metal, counters. we also had these in Korea so I wasn't to surprised. different though. Don't cha think?

Our screen door is on the inside. Think about it. Now go look at your screen door. See that is a bit odd. I guess it is all about the typhoons. Don't want your screen door flying down the road.

That is the end of my show and tell. Even though there are odd things about this house it is home. I have to say I think I am going to paint though. I mean seriously orange... just not cool.

Also today met a chick named Heather that I have been talking to online. We got here a month before her. It was great to finally meet her. Her mom commented on my blog, so I would like to say "HELLO Becky", thanks for the comment feel free to say hi ANYTIME!


marisa said...

I guess they had some glossy apricot paint left over after painting our unit and decided to paint your trim the same as ours. It’s so ugly. Why, why, why would they paint it that color? I like your AC unit though, that’s spiffy. Plus a remote control to use it, no fair!

aviva5271 said...

20 deg C = 68 deg F. Multiply by 9, then divide by 5, then add 32.

Basically, we sleep in that because we like it chilly, but we PAY for it. You aren't paying an electric bill, so you don't have to care as long as you're comfy. The remote doesn't work from too far away either.

I think it looks like a nice place, Howes Fam! Enjoy it! When's the housewarming party?

Anonymous said...

Hey, on my counter tops in the kitchen I bought some marbeled contact paper at the PX and covered the area.Looked like green granite. also did the walls in a floral so it looked like wall paper---just peel and stick(on the tile.). and the nice thing is you can change it as often as you like.Just peel off.Always thought the holes in the closets were weird--so things can breath I guess.Always reminded me of hospital colors, steril...still would give up this brand new house for a trip back to OKI!!!!

Isla Familia said...

You need to come over and get this AC remote translation card. It comes in handy, especially when Teage gets a hold of the remote and suddenly it is blowing heat! Also I am seriously looking into that contact paper idea from d.a.m.k, you know how I despise those stainless steel tops.

Heather said...

I have the oooooold wall air units. they are UGLY. But I have nice trim so... I guess we're even. hahaha